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Our Sense Of Ought

"Oh that my ways may be established to keep your statutes! Then I shall not be ashamed when I look upon your commandments" (Psa.119:5-6).

Some people may understand the benefits of regular exercise, but still do not engage in it. I can remember over the years of days when I just tried to tell myself, for some reason or another, not to exercise that day. If I overcame that, and did a workout, it was almost always a very good one in which I felt a sense of accomplishment. Despite their benefits, many times people fail to attend Bible classes. Some attend haphazardly and do not get out of them what they should. Let me offer a few suggestions. First and foremost, we need to use our sense of ought. We know that we ought to attend class and that we will gain from it, so just attend! If we decide to attend, then understand the greater benefits when we attend regularly. How we spiritually grow is directly proportional to the amount of time we spend in the Word. Next, do your homework.... If we take a vacation, don't we plan to some extent where and how we will spend our time? I have another of those directly proportional things. What we get out of a Bible study is directly proportional to what we put into it... If you walk into a class wondering what it is going to be all about, you either don't attend on a regular basis or you haven't prepared. Lastly, make some contributions to your class. Good teachers like feedback from their students because it lets them know that the message is getting through. Be willing to share the fruits of your preparation with others and don't be afraid to ask questions about something that is not clear. Members of a class add to its value by being participants rather than just spectators. A few more ways to get more out of class tomorrow....

Have a wonderful day... Do good, give HIM the credit.... Love mark


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