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The Weather

"It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry. The sun's so hot I froze to death. Susanna don't you cry" Stephen Foster 1948

We probably talk about the weather as much as any subject. I even start my devotionals with today's weather here in NJ. In today's quiz, choose the proper weather word. I gave you the scriptures so that you can grade yourselves. Have fun...

1. Benaiah killed a lion on a (rainy, snowy, windy) day. (2 Sam.23:20)

2. Job said about God; "He gives (rain, snow, wind) on the earth. (Job 5:10)

3. The Amorites died in a (hailstorm, snowstorm, cyclone). (Josh.10:11)

4. Uzziah reigned during a famous (snowstorm, earthquake, volcanic eruption). (Zech.14:5)

5. Jacob recalled when the (heat, cold, rain) consumed him by day and the ( rain, frost, wind ) by night. (Gen.31:40)

6. Noah received promise from God through a (breeze, rogue snowstorm, rainbow). (Gen.9:13)

7. God spoke to Job out of a (hailstorm, whirlwind, snowstorm). (Job 38:1)

8. Jesus spoke and the (rain, wind, hail) stopped. (Matt.14:32)

9. Ezekiel had a vision of a bright fire that produced (winds, hail, lightning). (Ezek.1:13)

10.Moses stretched his hand and God sent (hail, snow, rain) from the sky in Egypt. (Ex.9:23)

11.Gideon sought God's will through (snow, dew) on a fleece. (Judg.6:37)

Have a great weekend an an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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