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My dad had a collection of corny jokes and sayings. If he told one that did not elicit a laugh, he would then respond; "Its not my fault. I've got no writers." Just think of what we would miss today if there had been no writers!. In today's quiz you are to match the writer with the correct writing. Have fun...

___ 1. Isaiah                                                    (A) Title for Jesus' cross

___ 2. Ezekiel                                                  (B) Ten Commandments

___ 3. Moses                                                   (C) Letter to a church

___ 4. A hand                                                  (D) Message on a wall to a king

___ 5. David                                                    (E) Letter on behalf of a slave

___ 6. Samuel                                                  (F) Message in sand defending a woman

___ 7. John                                                      (G) Labels on sticks

___ 8. Jesus                                                     (H) Decree of divorcement

___ 9. Paul                                                       (I) Death warrant for Uriah

___10.Pilate                                                     (J) Book about the kingdom

___11.God                                                      (K) Acts of Uzziah

Have a great weekend and a day of worship that is both uplifting to you and glorifying to God.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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