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In today's quiz you are to match the person in Jesus' life with the correct statement about them. Have fun...

___ 1. Judas Iscariot                                                      (A) a forgiven woman

___ 2. Peter                                                                   (B) his mom

___ 3. Thomas                                                               (C) the beloved disciple

___ 4. Jairus                                                                   (D) a dead man

___ 5. Mary Magdalene                                                  (E) denied Jesus

___ 6. Martha                                                                 (F) betrayed Jesus

___ 7. John                                                                     (G) a hard to convince disciple

___ 8. Mary                                                                    (H) Jesus raised his daughter

___ 9. Zacchaeus                                                            (I) a blind man

___10.Lazarus                                                                 (J) Lazarus' sister

___11.Bartimaeus                                                           (K) a hated tax collector

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