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Ideal Attitudes For Ideal Conditions

"If the axe is dull and its edge is unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success" (Ecl.10:10).

The word attitude gets thrown around a lot in our world. Teachers talk about it with their students as do parents with their children. I would certainly be sure that all of us have heard a sermon or two with proper attitude as its central theme. If groups are to co-exist and flourish, each person must do as the woodcutter of today's verse is to do. Axes and knives must be honed regularly if they are to accomplish the work for which they were intended. The honing of our attitudes is also a necessary prerequisite if a group, like a church congregation, is to accomplish the work for which it was intended. Maybe the apostle Paul is talking about attitude when he writes to Timothy... "If a man cleanses himself from the latter, he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work" (2 Tim.2:21). We all want to be useful to the Master, don't we? As our attitudes improve, our relationships will improve also. I remember as a small child, that one of the negative comments on the standard school report card was; "doesn't work well with others." They didn't pull any punches back then. Improved attitudes allow us to work well with others. They also help us to have a more healthy estimation about ourselves, as we interact with others better. Lastly, we are to have a healthy attitude about God and our relationship with Him. It is the linchpin for a successful and worthwhile life. As we examine our lives, are we developing the right kind of attitudes that enable and prepare us for doing the Lord's work? Ideal attitudes always make for better working conditions, and more gets done....

Have a great day... Do good... Give Him the glory... Love mark Phil.4:11

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