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You will be given three names in each question, and two of them were biblical friends. Write the name of the person who was not a friend in the blank. Have fun....

_____________1. a- Peter, b-James, c-Joseph

_____________2. a- Bartholomew, b-Agrippa, c-Philip

_____________3. a- Job, b-Issachar, c-Eliphaz

_____________4. a- Elias, b-Silas, c-Paul

_____________5. a- Noah, b-Samuel, c-Eli

_____________6. a- Elijah, b-Elisha, c-Shem

_____________7. a- Barnabas, b-Paul, c-Caesar

_____________8. a- Abel, b-Joshua, c-Caleb

_____________9. a-Shadrach, b-Darius, c-Meshach

_____________10. a-Jonah, b-Pharaoh, c-Joseph

_____________11. a-David, b-Judah, c-Jonathan

Have a great weekend. Wherever you worship, may it be uplifting to you and glorifying to the Lord.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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