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Dad's Day

In that tomorrow is Father's Day, I thought I would do a related quiz this morning. Congratulations to all the dads out there, and I wish you some fond memories of your own father... Have fun....

_____ 1. First dad on earth                                                                          (A) Abraham

_____ 2. His son was the first king of Israel                                                  (B) Zechariah

_____ 3. Fled to Egypt with his family                                                          (C) Kish

_____ 4. His son baptized Jesus                                                                   (D) Jacob

_____ 5. Father of 12 tribes                                                                         (E) David

_____ 6. Jesus "raised" his daughter                                                              (F) Enoch

_____ 7. Tragically lost all his children                                                          (G) Isaac

_____ 8. Betrayed by his son                                                                       (H) Jairus

_____ 9. Blessed the wrong son                                                                   (I) Adam

_____10.Father who walked with God                                                         (J) Joseph

_____11.Told to sacrifice his son                                                                  (K) Job

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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