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"Now about brotherly love we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other...... Yet we urge you, brothers, to do so more and more" (1 Thess.4:9-10).

The apostle Paul, even though he knew he didn't have to, urged the brethren at Thessalonica to be filled with brotherly love.... Yet we urge you, brothers, to do so more and more. When we give it some thought, has our love for one another in the church increased over this past year? If it has not, it needs to! Lets make an effort to have our brethren into our homes and go to theirs. Lets make sure that we make an effort to know them by name, and know their families. How can we expect visitors or perspective new members to want to be a part of us if they don't see the warmth of brotherly love just dripping off of us... If we happen to invite a friend or neighbor to our fellowship, our relationships ought to be such that they might want to become a part of us. Jesus put it this way: "You are the salt of the earth..... You are the light of the world" (Matt.5:13-14). To paraphrase Jesus' words, he said to stay salty and keep your lights on.... In being salty, we are to be a positive on all those around us. It is our responsibility.... In being the light we are to be demonstrating a better way. If someone on the outside doesn't view us as positive, responsible, and happy, there is absolutely no reason they would want to be with us.... The light of Jesus ought to be seen in our daily lives, so that the gospel can be communicated as we live it. Maybe we haven't been good enough as brethren or neighbors, but its not too late. Don't be afraid to smile at someone or say hello. Don't be ashamed of your church, but rather, invite people in and let your loving brethren show their salt and light. If we labor under the impression that the best is behind us, it may very well be. Make your todays better than yesterday, and your tomorrows better than today. The Lord wouldn't want it any other way...

Have a wonderful day... The best hasn't happened yet... Love mark Phil.4:11

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