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A Jacob Quiz

Most of us have an extended family with many relatives. I remember going to one of my father-in-law's family reunions many years ago out in western Kansas, and it was quite interesting. We will take a look some of Jacob's kin in today's quiz. You are to match each person with his or her relationship with Jacob. Have fun.....

____ 1. Father-in-law                                                   (A) Joseph

____ 2. First wife                                                         (B) Esau

____ 3. Favorite wife                                                   (C) Dinah

____ 4. Youngest son                                                  (D) Benjamin

____ 5. Favored son                                                    (E) Isaac

____ 6. Mother                                                            (F) Reuban

____ 7. Father                                                             (G) Laban

____ 8. Twin brother                                                   (H) Leah

____ 9. First son                                                          (I) Bilhah

____10.Handmaid                                                       (J) Rebekah

____11.Daughter                                                        (K) Rachel

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil:4:11

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