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The Life Of Joseph

Joseph was one of the most colorful and interesting characters in the Old Testament. He was also a very good person from whom many lessons can be learned. In today's quiz you are to match certain facts about Joseph's life..... Have fun....

____ 1. Parents                                                                                   (A) Manasseh and Ephraim

____ 2. Recommended selling Joseph                                                  (B) Egypt

____ 3. Youngest brother                                                                    (C) Pharaoh

____ 4. Where hi brothers settled                                                        (D) Asenath

____ 5. Sons                                                                                       (E) Jacob and Rachel

____ 6. Sold to                                                                                    (F) Reuben

____ 7. Interpreted a dream for                                                            (G) Butler and baker

____ 8. Prison companions                                                                   (H) Goshen

____ 9. Wife                                                                                        (I) Judah

____11.Saved Joseph's life                                                                   (J) Benjamin

____12.First burial place                                                                      (K) Potiphar

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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