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"God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful" (1 Cor.1:9).

There are many things in life that are what we might call solo activities. Going out for a bike ride or a run can be an excellent solo activity, as is a time of meditation on the Lord's Word. You will read this devotional today as a solo activity. Many aspects of the Christian life, however, lend more to a communal effort. If we talk about our church, and intone today's title, something is missing. It ought to be more like, "look at what we're doing...." Each Christian ought to learn the importance of our collective work within our church life. Have you ever cooked on a charcoal grill? We have to be careful in the placement of the charcoal bricks to insure that they are close enough together so that they will all burn. That single brick that is too far away from those glowing ones will not give off any heat. Holding this thought, if one of the glowing embers gets separated from the rest, it will burn off quickly and become less effective. In the church, we are those embers. We are dependent on the other embers to give off the quality heat that we should. Christians rarely survive spiritually apart from their proper relationship with other Christians. There is an inherent danger in maverick Christianity. Those dangers might be spiritual stagnation, inactivity, or an unhappiness that cannot be fixed. The first century church that is written about in the Book of Acts drew on one another for spiritual strength and stability. One of the real significant aspects of being a Christian is that we are connected to one another. We need to understand the importance of our collective work so that we can feel an active part of what we're doing....

Have a great start to your week. Begin it with a RAK or two.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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