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Love Those Animals

All of us probably have an animal story that we have shared with others. Some of us probably have many. Today's quiz is about some animals in the Bible that played a part in some significant event. You are to match the statement with the correct animal. Have fun....

____ 1. Egypt plagued with this amphibian                                                           (A) kine (cow)

____ 2. Spoke to its rider                                                                                    (B) sheep

____ 3. Carried away sins on Day of Atonement                                                  (C) ram

____ 4. Licked the sores of Lazarus                                                                     (D) lion

____ 5. Samson killed one with his hands                                                             (E) camel

____ 6. A pharaoh dreamed of fourteen                                                               (F) dogs

____ 7. Transported Isaac's bride                                                                        (G) leopard

____ 8. Sacrificed as an offering by Abraham                                                      (H) frog

____ 9. Cannot change its spots                                                                          (I) goat

____10 Tended by David for his dad                                                                  (J) ass (donkey)

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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