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Smart Knowledge

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" (Matt.22:37).

I "dark printed" the part about our minds in today's verse. My point is that a person does not have to commit intellectual suicide to get to know more about the Lord. He does not only want our souls and hearts, but wants our minds as well. You know... Smart knowledge.... He desires that we use our minds to seek him out. We should desire to gain as much knowledge about Him as possible. This smart knowledge is all about seeking to know all that the Word reveals about Him. Here are some of the things that we should be trying to learn more about. We ought to want to know as much as possible about His works then and His works now. In other words, we read and meditate about His life and works in the first century, and then come to understand what part He plays in our lives here in 2013. We should also desire to know about His nature. The more we know about His divine part and His human part, the better we can relate to Him. Jesus served in several offices while on earth. He was both a King and a High Priest. We must know about that. He was our Shepherd, but also out Savior. It is important for us to gain as much knowledge as possible about both of those aspects of Jesus' life... It is vitally important that we gain as much knowledge as we can about the pain and suffering that He went through for us. When we assimilate that we can then learn a great deal about His present part in our life and His future glory and exaltation. We want to be a part of that glory and exaltation, so we must learn as much as possible about it. Our knowledge about Jesus is a most excellent pursuit and we must go after it as if we hunger and thirst for it. After all... It's smart knowledge....

Have a wonderful day. Allow His light to shine through you... Love mark Phil.4:11

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