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Don't Fall Off The Boat

"And He will be the stability of your times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge" (Isa.33:6).

I used to teach a lesson in Physical Science about what made something stable. Why does grandma's weird shaped vase stay on the shelf and not fall off? I would tell a story about myself that they could laugh about to reinforce the lesson. After a day of clamming I was getting dressed on my boat and sitting on the edge to get my pants on. As I tried to put one leg in the pants, I became unstable and fell off the boat into the water. It was quite funny, and I am glad there was no on around me at the time to see it. To get them to remember the principle of how one's center of gravity relates to stability, the mantra was; "don't fall off the boat." In about 700 BC, Isaiah was sent to Israel to warn the people about some impending danger. The Assyrians were advancing against them and their choices were to trust in an alliance with the Egyptians and resist, or give themselves up to the Assyrians. Isaiah told them to do neither. Today's verse tells us what Isaiah advised. "And He will be the stability of your times...." If they would listen, God promised them through Isaiah that He would keep them safe from the Assyrians. He would keep them from falling off the boat... Although we are some 2,700 years past this time, the advice still rings as true as it did back then. Isaiah's counsel given by him is wonderfully sound. We face times of sickness, death, and natural disasters. We here on the east coast were devastated this past year by Hurricane Sandy. More specific disturbing things, like yesterday's shooting near our nation's capitol, affect a great many families. Each of us face a personal problem or two almost every day. In troubled times, God is there to be the stability of our times... We should maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord so that there will be the stability in our lives that is necessary to face everything that life may toss at us. The Lord will be our center of gravity... He will keep us from falling off the boat...

Have a great day... Go good.... Give the Lord the glory... Love mark Phil.4:11

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