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Laying Them Down

"So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him" (Lk.5:11).

On Friday I wrote about the previous verses from today's. After an unsuccessful night of fishing, Jesus told Peter where to let down his nets. Although as a professional fisherman, Peter was skeptical about following the advice of a carpenter's son, he did so. The catch was amazing, but it was all predicated on Peter's doing what Jesus suggested. Though it was out of his "comfort zone," he obeyed the word of Jesus and let down the net... Jesus needed disciples then just as he does today, so His next request to Peter was an even bigger one. It would entail a much bigger leap of faith than just letting down the nets. He let down the nets with a "just because You say so" response, but now Jesus would take them much farther out of their comfort zone... Jesus said to Peter, James, and John: "Don't be afraid; from now on you will catch men." (V 10).... Jesus is now asking them to become His disciples. Buoyed by their fishing success, and trusting in waters that had not yet been charted for them, Peter, James, and John dropped everything and followed Jesus. Instead of letting down the net, they would now Lay down the net.... Peter didn't think he could be of very much use as he said: "Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!" (V 8)... Through all of this, Peter left his wife, (for a time) and his fishing business and followed Jesus. James and John left the business also, along with leaving their dad (Matt.4:21-22). They all left their former lives behind and followed Jesus, because He was calling them to a life of greater service. It would also be a life of greater rewards. This is the mindset of a true disciple.... "Just because you say so......" Peter, James, and John demonstrate for us the attitude that must characterize a disciple of Jesus. It is a willingness to do whatever the Lord says for us to do... A true disciple is to do this no matter what the cost... A true disciple is supposed to do this even if he or she does not completely understand. I would like to take this devotional and dovetail it into our discipleship... The next few days will be about our willingness to do the Lord's Word. It will be about us saying.... "just because You say so.." We must lay down the net....

Have a great start to your week... Begin it with a RAK or two... Love mark Phil.4:11

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