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Fowl Ball

"Flee as a bird to your mountain, thou who art weary of sin; Go to the clear flowing fountain where you may wash and be clean. Fly, for the avenger is near thee; Call and the Savior will hear thee"

Mary S. B. Dana Shindler 1842

There are lots of birds in the Bible that signify all sorts of things In today's quiz, you are to underline the correct fowl(s) in each statement. Have fun...

1. Jesus said His followers should be as harmless as ( doves, eagles, sparrows).

2. Jesus told us to consider the (eagles, ravens, doves) who do not farm yet God feeds them.

3. Jesus used the (dove, sparrow, swan) to demonstrate our value and His care for us.

4. Elijah was fed by (quail, ravens, stork).

5. When Jesus was baptized, the Spirit of God descended upon Him like a (dove, swan eagle).

6. Peter wept when the ( crow, cock, hen ) crowed three times.

7. Jeremiah said the daughters of Zion became cruel like the ( hawk, ostrich, cock ).

8. Solomon said that riches fly away like ( sparrows, doves, eagles ).

9. God told Moses to tell the Israelites, "I bare you on ( eagles', owls', cocks' ) wings."

10.Jesus overturned the tables of the sellers of ( quail, pigeons, doves ).

11.Hosea likened Ephriam to a silly ( hen, dove, owl ).

12.An Israelite not able to bring a lamb to offer to God could bring two ( hens, turtledoves, swans ) for a sin offering, and two ( pigeons, quails, cormorants ) for a burnt offering.

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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