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Seeing Double

Double your pleasure, double your fun, with Doublemint... Doublemint... Doublemint Gum.....

If you're old enough to remember the words of that commercial which started in 1956, I'm sorry but you're as old as me... In the commercial a set of twins (later two sets) sang about the virtues of Wrigley's Doublemint Gum. (still Jane's favorite) Today's quiz is about double experiences. Two of the three people in each statement had the same experience. You are to circle the person who did not share the experience. Have fun....

1. (Joshua, Caleb, Moses) were told to remove their shoes, because they stood on holy ground.

2, (Saul, Joshua, Gideon) won battles by blowing trumpets.

3. (Moses, Joshua, Solomon) parted water for people to pass through.

4. (Aaron, David, Pharaoh's) wise men cast down rods which became snakes.

5. (Miriam, Uzziah, Daniel) were struck with leprosy as a punishment.

6. (Gideon, Aaron, Saul) collected gold earrings from their people and built images with them.

7. (Abraham, Isaac, Zacharias) were told that they would each have a son even though they were old.

8. (Korah, Dathan, Goliath) were swallowed by the earth.

9. (Samson, Moses, Joshua) drew water from weird sources; a jaw bone and a rock.

10.(Caesar, Pharaoh, Herod) feared a small child.

11.(Rebekah,Tamar, Rachel) had twins

12.(Jacob, Joseph, Joshua) had visions telling them to go to Egypt.

Have a wonderful weekend with an uplifting day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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