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- "It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres" (1 Cor.13:7)

Because of the way that some people misrepresent love, the apostle Paul uses the negative qualities (not envious, not boasting, not proud) to define and refine the positive ones of kindness and patience. He left absolutely no wiggle room for using love as an excuse to do bad things. Love is kind, and because of that it does not behave rudely... Love is patient, and because of that will not be easily provoked. Whenever possible, love will constrain a person to defer to the wishes of others, not always thinking about having his or her own way... A person with love in their heart desires to think good things about others rather than evil ones. Love does not find satisfaction in illicit behavior, abuse, or other traps that sin will set for otherwise good people. A person with love in their heart will be a shelter in the time of storm for those who have fallen on desperate times. We can utilize the love in us to help brighten the paths of others, by being people of active service. People can become easily disillusioned by the cynicism of life or the disgruntled bitterness that may infect the soul. Our love can act like an antibiotic, to help show that there is a greater power at our disposal in Jesus Christ. When Paul wrote this chapter, it may have been addressing the pettiness of those that had been blessed with spiritual gifts in the church at Corinth. They were biting at one another over who's gifts were better, therefore making them more important. Paul's dissertation on love should have dispelled that and given them more important things to contemplate. When we think of all that we can do because we have the love of the Lord in us, we should first be in awe, and then be at work.... After all, what do you know that always protects, always hopes, always perseveres? More love tomorrow...

Have a wonderful day... Let HIS light shine through you... Love mark Phil.4:11

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