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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love" (1 Cor.13:13).

Part of the apostle Paul's reasons for writing the words found in the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians should be obvious to all of us. There was a spirit of one-upmanship going one among the members of the Corinthian church that had grown into a sort of competition. The special spiritual gifts that they had been given by the laying on of hands by Paul was growing into a detriment rather than a benefit. When we read the twelfth chapter we can find the bickering that was going on about who had the greater gifts. Paul had to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that the gifts of prophecy, tongues, and knowledge were temporary ones that God had given them. They were supposed to act as testimonies to God, not as a wedge of competition. He wanted to let them know that these gifts would one day fail, but they were overlooking a gift that would never fail! The supreme gift of love! If the members that had spiritual gifts would fail to seek the greatest of all gifts, they were on the wrong track. The supreme gift, the greatest gift of all, had no supernatural or special endowment. Exercising this gift was not likely to stir up any special notice... But, God took notice of it! God honored this wonderful gift much more highly than any of the Corinthians had imagined... Paul had to remind them that the supernatural gifts were limited to this age. In contrast, they were waiting and hoping for a perfect world prepared for those that were faithful. "Then the king will say to those on the right, 'come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom that was prepared for you from the foundation of the world'" (Matt.25:34). The Corinthians were missing the big picture that we must see also... Love supersedes the gifts because it outlasts all of them...Long after these highly sought after gifts were no longer necessary and gone, supreme love would be the governing principle that controls all that God's people are and do... We are a testimony today that those special gifts are gone, but that love survives and flourishes... Love is supreme, and the need for it will never cease... "But the greatest of these is love."

Have a great day... Make your little part of the world better... Love mark Phil.4:11

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