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Getting Equipped

"Got a beat-up glove, a home-made bat, and a brand new pair of shoes. You know I think its time to give this game a ride"

Centerfield by John Fogerty 1985

When Jesus made the decisions to choose those twelve men who would follow Him for the three or so years of His ministry, he did not go to the religious elite. As a matter of fact, He made those elite the target of some His most stinging rebukes. Other than Paul, who was called later, most of them already had jobs that they were to leave in following Him. They were all adult men, (mostly fishermen) and it seems like the rabbis of the day didn't think that they had what it took to be rabbis too. Jesus did not call those who were considered to be the brightest, best or super-religious ones of the day. As a Christian, who knows he is not the best and the brightest, that sure makes me feel good... You have already read my title and song excerpt, and may be wondering where I am going with it. You can't play the game of baseball without the necessary equipment. I guess that Fogerty thought more of his feet than his hands. There is a saying in religious circles that goes something like this..."God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called." Look at the hall of fame of people that God used... Noah was a drunk.. Isaac was a dreamer.. Jacob was a liar.. Leah was ugly.. Moses was a stutterer.. Gideon was afraid.. Samson had long hair and was a womanizer.. Rahab was a prostitute.. Jonah ran away from the Lord.. Naomi was a widow.. Peter denied Jesus.. Paul was too religious.. Martha worried about everything.. Zaccheus was too small... The top vote getter of the group had to be Lazarus... He was dead! Look no further than the apostles that Jesus called to follow Him, or the people that God used if you ever think that you're not "good enough" to follow Him. We must all take this to heart and believe that Jesus did not send the message of inadequacy.. The true message of Jesus is this; If you will follow Him, He will equip you with what you need to be like Him. Fogerty's words ring true... "You know I think its time to give this game a ride...."

Have a wonderful day... Make your little part of the world better... Love mark Phil.4:11

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