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Did You Eat Too Much?

I hope you practiced a bit of moderation with your eating on Thanksgiving Day. We certainly had a lot of food around our place, and everyone tends to enjoy eating. In today's quiz, you are to fill in the blanks with the correct food... Have fun...

1. Daniel asked to be fed ________ and ________.

2. John the Baptist fed on ________ and ________.

3. Hiram traded Solomon cedar and fir trees in return for ________ and ________.

4. The Israelites were fed ________ from heaven.

5. Elijah was fed ________ and ________ by a raven.

6. Jesus fed a multitude of people with five ________ and two ________.

7. Lazarus wanted to be fed ________ from the rich man's table.

8. The prodigal son would have fed himself the ________ of the swine.

9. Joseph sold his brothers ________ during a famine that they might be fed.

10.Elijah assured the widow that she and her son would not run out of ________ and ________.

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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