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Glorifying Jesus And The Struggle

"Whatever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to Him through God the Father" (Col.3:17).

The teaching in today's verse is crystal clear. It says and means that whatever we say and do, should all be said and done to glorify Jesus. Notice the first word.... Whatever! From the smallest acts of each day to those we may consider to be more important. The small tasks we do, interacting with people, the jokes we tell and listen to are to all reflect our calling. Does this mean that the only topic of conversation is Jesus? Of course not, but it certainly means that we should treat others with respect and love, showing them the mercy and grace that is taught to us. Our job is to show the world around us what it truly means to live like Jesus as we speak and act as Jesus would. It would be a unicorn, rainbow, and lollipop world if that was all there was.... Even though we are privy to the way of light, the darkness of sin and temptation is all around us.The struggles of life do not magically go away. We might even cryptically wonder why, if we are truly in Jesus, that there is any struggle at all... We must remember the magnificence of the life of freedom given to us and see that the struggle is a holy one. We should take encouragement that we are struggling not to sin. The desire to sin is a part of human nature, the desire to leave it is a gift from God... There are no magic words that take all our struggles away and turn us into perfect people. God chose not to operate that way. What God wants us to do is to build a relationship with Him. As the relationship grows and matures, we see a change in our behavior. Sin just cannot be defeated by self-will, but through the relationship. When we truly believe that "Whatever we do in word or in deed, we do all in the name of Jesus Christ", we glorify God and defeat the struggles....

Have a great day... Let His light shine through you... Love mark Phil.4:11

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