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Jesus' Birth

"To us a Child of hope is born, To us, a Son is given;
Him shall the tribes of earth obey, Him all the hosts of heaven;
Him shall the tribes of earth obey, Him all the hosts of heaven.

John Morrison 1781

It is fitting that today's quiz is about the birth of Jesus. Each of the following people had something to do with the story of Jesus' birth. You are to match the people with the statement concerning them... Have fun...

_____ 1. Caesar Augustus                                                  (A) Went to see Jesus, them told others about Him

_____ 2. Joseph                                                                 (B) Announced Jesus' birth to shepherds

_____ 3. Mary                                                                    (C) Issued a decree

_____ 4. Angel                                                                   (D) Went with her husband to Bethlehem

_____ 5. Shepherds                                                            (E) Went to Bethlehem to be taxed

_____ 6. Those who heard                                                  (F) Wondered at what they were told

_____ 7. Herod                                                                   (G) Said; "glory to God in the highest"

_____ 8. Heavenly host                                                       (H) Presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh

_____ 9. Wise Men                                                             (I) Warned the Wise Men of Herod's evil plan

_____10. God                                                                     (J) Pretended to want to worship

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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