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Famous Dads

"Father and Friend, Thy light Thy love, Beaming through all Thy works we see; Thy glory gilds the heavens above, And all the earth is full of Thee."

From the song; Father and Friend, Thy Light Thy Love John Bowring 1824

There are lots of famous fathers in the Bible. Some are famous in their own right, and some because of their offspring. Fill in the blank with the name of the correct dad. Have fun....

1. __________ was a priest whose 2 sons went bad.

2. __________ was the father of Samuel.

3. __________ sacrificed his daughter.

4. __________ took Isaac to a mountain to sacrifice him as God had ordered.

5. __________ was the father of twins

6. __________ lamented over a wayward son who tried to steal the kingdom.

7. __________ acted as a father to his cousin who became queen.

8. __________ was Saul's father.

9. __________ lost all his children in a wind storm.

10.__________ was the father of an apostle named James

11.__________ was ordered to take his family into an ark for their safety.

12.__________ was the father of Methuselah.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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