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Its All About HIM

"I am not the Christ but I am sent ahead of Him.... He must become greater; I must become less" (Jn.3:28, 30).

Have you played the "good, better, best" game? In 1988, I wanted to buy a good bicycle. I wanted one that would be nice to look at, but more importantly, go fast. I also didn't want my pocketbook to take a big hit... I went into the bike shop and there were a myriad of bicycles. I went for the "better." Twenty six years later, it still looks pretty good, it goes fast, and the cost is way back in the rear view mirror. The better was OK... John the Baptist not only knew the good, better, best game, but played it out. If his life were a card game, John could have played it several ways. After all, at his peak, he was drawing amazingly huge crowds to hear his radical message. Sure his outfit was a bit strange (camel hair) and his diet..... Eating locusts? Ukk! But he had the attention of thousands of people who came out to hear what he had to say. People might have thought that he was the good, better, and best all wrapped into one neat bundle.. Then Jesus came along.. John's more ardent followers let him know that many of the people were now going after Jesus. They may have told him to "amp up" the message. You might want to read Jn.3:25-30 and meditate upon it. If I might paraphrase John's reaction, he said: "You don't get it... That's how its supposed to be... This isn't about me, its about Jesus, God's Son... He's the important one here, not me...." That is how it is supposed to be for us today as Christians when we spread the message of Jesus. If we are praised for the good that we are saying and doing, we must deflect and redirect that praise toward HIM...He is the one with the words and actions of life and we are John the Baptist.. We are to be preparing people for the great message of Jesus Christ... He is good, the better, and the best in one complete package. After Him, people don't need to search any farther for their Savior... Lets continue doing good, but all for the glory of our Lord.... After all, its all about Him....

Have a great day... Give Jesus the glory in all you do today... Love mark Phil.4:11

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