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RAK - Routine Acts of Kindness

I usually close my Monday devotional with, "it would be a good day for a RAK." We have come to use RAK as a random act of kindness. Random acts of kindness are good, but when I gave it a bit more thought, I started to wonder... Should our acts of kindness just be random ones. I decided to change it up some and substitute the word "routine" for the word "random." RAK can now be viewed in another way... Routine acts of kindness. When Jesus went about doing good for people, His deeds were hardly random. Doing good was the norm in His life rather than the exception. Jesus' acts of kindness were more the routine than the random. When I think of the Parable of Good Samaritan, this comes to mind. The man who had been beaten and robbed and left for dead by the side of the road, had two men of his own nationality see him and pass by with no action. The one who helped was a Samaritan, who the Jews looked down on. He's the one who bandaged the wounds and took him to a place where he could recover. Now you might be thinking that it was a random situation that the three men faced, and you would be correct. It would appear, however, that the actions of the three men were hardly random. The two men that passed by showed that the routine in their lives was not to show kindness to someone in trouble. The Samaritan man randomly faced the same situation and showed what was routine in His life. Routine for him was to show kindness... We may face a situation today that will call for us to either act with kindness or apathy. Which will it be? The truth is that kind acts emanate from kind hearts. If we are hoping to be Christ-like in our lives, showing kindness ought to be ingrained in our hearts. We may even have to inconvenience ourselves to show that kindness...

Have a great day... A RAK or two would be wonderful... Love mark Phil.4:11

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