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Dedicated To The One I Love

The Shirelles recorded a song in 1961 entitled "Dedicated To The One I Love." It was a catchy tune that made it to # 3 on the charts. I remember some of the words being, "Life can never be everything we want it to be, but I'll be satisfied knowing you love me..." Lets shift from the Shirelles to the apostle Paul. Can you imagine being shipwrecked, beaten, thrown in jail, and having many people wanting nothing less than having you killed? None of these things happened to Paul because he was a bad guy, but because he lived a life of faith and dedication to Jesus Christ. Do we think that our faith and dedication might be affected if we went through the same hardships as he did? In 2 Cor.11:23-28, Paul records his great difficulties for us. It might be good for us to read them and meditate upon them, so that they may be the reminder of dedication to us that they are supposed to be... Despite all the difficulties, Paul's dedication not only did not waver, but grew even stronger. From his zeal, we learn that we cannot rest on the laurels of past efforts. We must continue in our lives of dedication and service as he described in Phil.3:12-14. In these verses, Paul speaks of not having already obtained all this as of yet... He wrote of "straining forward to what is ahead and pressing on toward the goal..." I seem to remember another line from the song that says, "the darkest hour is just before dawn.." It is when we face our difficulties in life that we should resolve to be at our strongest... When the Lord sees me through those times, I will be able to say with confidence that I am dedicated to the one I love...

Have a wonderful day... Make your little part of the world better... Love mark Phil.4:11

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