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Some Bible Folks

Today's quiz is a random trip through the Old and New Testaments (mostly Old) concerning people... A real potpourri.. Have fun...

1. _____ What did God use Nebuchadnezzar to do to Jerusalem and Judah?                                   (a) deliver them, (b) destroy them, (c) exile the people, (d) defend them from Egypt, (e) kill 3/5 of the people.

2. _____ What special tasks did the descendants of Aaron perform?                                               (a) constructing the temple, (b) being the king's guard, (c) being royal scribes, (d) leading the king's armies, (e) making offerings to God.

3. _____ What does Paul, as a spiritual leader to the Corinthians, beseech them to do?                    (a) be followers of him, (b) send Paul money, (c) pray, (d) eat

4. _____ Elijah ran from Jezebel to which mountain?                                                                        (a) Mt. Herman, (b) Mt. Moriah, (c) Mt. Sinai, (d) Mt. Horeb.

5. _____ Who did Elijah beat in a footrace?                                                                                    (a) Elisha, (b) Samuel, (c) David, (d) a chariot

6. _____ Name the prophet who annointed Solomon king.                                                              (a) Zadok, (b) Benaiah, (c) Nathan, (d) Samuel.

7. _____ Who does Solomon send to kill Adonijah, Joab, and Shimei?                                           (a) Benaiah, (b) Belial, (c) Bath, (d) Joshua.

8._____ What did Abigail give David to apologize for her husband's behavior?                                (a) money, (b) sheep, (c) food and wine, (d) cattle.

9. _____ What was the name of David's first wife?                                                                         (a) Michal, (b) Abigail, (c) Bathsheba, (d) Mishna.

10. _____ Which of Saul's sons attacked the Philistines?                                                                 (a) Jonathan, (b) Ishvi, (c) Maliki-Shua, (d) David.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 06/28/2014 Quiz

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