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"Give me the Bible, holy message shining; Thy light shall guide me in the narrow way; Precept and promise, law and love combining, till night shall vanish in eternal day."

Priscilla J. Owens 1883

Today's quiz comes from all over the Bible, both Old and New Testament, so enjoy the cruise...

_____ 1. What did Elisha throw into the Jordan to in order to make the axe head float? (a) an axe, (b) a stick, (c) fruit, (d) a burnt offering.

_____ 2. On what day did the apostles first speak in tongues? (a) Jesus' resurrection day, (b) Passsover, (c) Pentecost, (d) All Saints day, (e) none.

_____ 3. At what gate of the temple did Peter heal the lame man? (a) second, (b) eastern, (c) golden, (d) beautiful, (e) spiritual.

_____ 4. What did Paul do to Barjesus? (a) praise him, (b) blind him, (c) arrest him, (d) preach to him.

_____ 5. Where was Paul forbidden to preach? (a) Jerusalem, (b) Egypt, (c) Asia, (d) Rome.

_____ 6. When Paul survived the snake bite, what did the people of Malta think? (a) he would soon die, (b) he would just get sick, (c) he would cry, (d) he was a prophet, (e) he was a god.

_____ 7. How many days did God cast darkness over Egypt? (a) 7, (b) 100, (c) 3, (d) 30.

_____ 8. In what book of the Bible does the parting of the Red Sea happen? (a) Genesis, (b) Exodus, (c) Leviticus, (d) Revelation.

_____ 9. When Jesus fed the multitude, what two foods did he use? (a) bread and wine, (b) rice and beans, (c) loaves and fish, (d) fruits and vegetables.

_____10. Who was John the Baptist's mother? (a) Mary, (b) Martha, (c) Mary Magdalene, (d) Elisabeth.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 07/05/2014 Quiz

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