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"Another disciple said to him, 'Lord, first let me go bury my father.' But Jesus told him, 'Follow me, and let the dead bury the dead'" (Matt.8:21-22).

For all you "empty nesters" out there, preparing meals changed dramatically when there weren't kids in the house anymore, didn't it... Now the cooking is done for just two people, so the portions have been reduced significantly. Are there still leftovers? I must admit, I am not a big fan of the leftovers. Even though they are not really "that bad," there's nothing like that hot food that has been prepared for just this moment. I hope I don't come off sounding like a whiner... When we act like the Jews of Mal.1:8 & 13, who brought the lame and the sick to be sacrificed for their animal offerings, we insult the Lord by giving Him nothing but what we don't have any use for... It appears that if the Lord needs an hour or two of our time, that is fine, unless we anything else we could possibly be doing. If there's absolutely nothing else going on, the Lord will get our time. At first glance, the words of Jesus in today's verses seem harsh. In actuality, His statement stresses the radical demands of Jesus' discipleship, as the Jews placed a great amount of importance on the duty of children to bury their dead parents. Jesus was telling the people that His ministry was short and demanded full attention and commitment... He might have been saying; "Let the spiritually dead bury the physically dead..." We must look into ourselves to keep things from whittling away at the Lord's time and keep it from intruding on our schedules. We must ask ourselves how we can keep it from conflicting with anything else we want to do... To keep the church convenient... Lets not lose the sense of sacrifice when it comes to the Lord's work... Lets give Him the fresh stuff and not the leftovers...

Have a great day... Make your little part of the world better.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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