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Some General OT Trivia

Some Stuff About Disciples

"By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another" (Jn.13:35).

We are all to be disciples of Jesus, so in today's quiz you will attempt to answer some questions about disciples. Have fun...

______ 1. Who did the church at Jerusalem send to Antioch? (a) Peter, (b) Philip, (c) Barnabas, (d) Saul, (e) John

______ 2. Which two disciples were sons of Zebedee? (a) Simon and James, (b) Andrew and Simon, (c) Andrew and John, (d) James and John

______ 3. Which of the following did Jesus not send out His disciples to do? (a) Preach, (b) Heal sicknesses, (c) Cast our devils, (d) Deliver food to the poor

______ 4. On the way to Capernaum, what did the disciples argue about? (a) Their route, (b) Jesus' divinity, (c) Who should be the greatest, (d) Where they should live, (e) none of the above

______ 5. Who were the first two disciples Jesus called on? (a) Peter and Andrew, (b) James and John, (c) Andrew and Philip, (d) John and Philip

______ 6. Who was the brother of Simon Peter? (a) James, (b) John, (c) Andrew, (d) Matthew, (e) Clyde

______ 7. When Mary anointed Jesus' feet, what was the real reason that Judas protested about the expensive ointment not being sold? (a) He was a thief, (b) He was concerned about the poor, (c) He wanted to do what was right,

______ 8. Before Jesus' death, he washed the disciples' feet. Who protested? (a) Paul, (b) Judas, (c) Thomas, (d) Peter

______ 9. Who cut off the ear of the high priest's servant in the garden where Jesus was arrested? (a) Jesus, (b) Peter, (c) Thomas, (d) Matthew

______10. When Jesus appeared to His disciples after His resurrection, which one was not present? (a) Thomas, (b) Peter, (c) John, (d) Andrew

Have a great weekend an an excellent day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 07/19/2014 Quiz

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