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"Sing to me of heaven, sing that song of peace, from the toils that bind me it will bring release;
Burdens will be lifted that are pressing so, showers of great blessing o'er my heart will flow.
Sing to me of heaven let me fondly dream of its golden glory, of its pearly gleam;
Sing to me when shadows of the evening fall, sing to me of heaven, sweetest song of all

From "Sing to Me of Heaven" by Ada Powell 1914

Maybe you guessed it... Today's quiz will be about heavenly stuff... Have fun....

______ 1. In the Book of Colossians it says that a Christian should set their affection on what? (a) their spouse, (b) their family, (c) gaining knowledge, (d) heaven, (e) doing good stuff.

______ 2. How many wings does a Seraphim have? (a) 6, (b) 2, (c) 4, (d) none, (e) innumerable.

______ 3. In Isaiah chapter six, who does Isaiah see? (a) king of Israel, (b) God, (c) his own dad, (d) his son, (e) the great Sidney.

______ 4. Jesus said that many are called but few are.... (a) forgiven, (b) good, (c) hearing, (d) chosen. (e) rejected.

______ 5. When our bodies are changed, what will they look like? (a) the glorious body of Jesus, (b) a child's (c) a bodybuilder, (d) an angel, (e) its a mystery.. nobody knows

______ 6. The voices in the vision of Revelation sounded like what? (a) destruction, (b) whispers, (c) a roaring ocean, (d) a trumpet.

______ 7. Jesus said there are many of what in his Father's house for us? (a) mansions, (b) angels, (c) loaves, (d) servants, (e) none of these.

______ 8. In Hebrews Chapter 8, why does God speak of a new covenant? (a) Gentiles required a separate covenant, (b) Jews proved unfaithful to the old covenant, (c) the old covenant was too restrictive, (d) just for illustrative purposes.

______ 9. What do the four chariots in Zechariah's vision symbolize? (a) deadly sins, (b) geographical directions, (c) 4 churches, ((d) heaven's spirits, (e) 4 nations.

______10. What does James say we will receive when we endure temptation? (a) the Holy Spirit, (b) peace, (c) crown of life, (d) truth.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 07/26/2014 Quiz

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