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I Love A Good Test

"Who can discern his errors? Keep your servant from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then I will be blameless, innocent of great transgression" (Psa.19:12-13).

One of the aspects of teaching that's often underrated is the dreaded test. Sometimes it is the "pop quiz" that is given to see if the students really studied yesterdays' lesson. But most often, it is the test that is given after several days of teaching. I prided myself in making out tests that would truly evaluate my students to see if they learned what I was teaching them. In life, temptations are often the "tests" that tell us if we are living as we are supposed to. But there may be another self-testing that should happen. It is a test of our own personal honesty when it comes to the love of the truth. The last three devotionals have been about knowing ourselves and being honest about it. Lets take this one step farther by administering a test that just may help us to judge how honest we are willing to be about ourselves. The questions may make us feel a bit uncomfortable, but truth often has that effect... Here goes... 1. Do we pray that we will be presented with circumstances that will allow us to see our true character? 2. Do we pray that the faults we have kept hidden from ourselves will be exposed to the light of the truth? 3. Do we pray that we have friends that love our souls so much that they will not allow us to ignore our sins? 4. Do we pray that we will be able to look at ourselves from God's perspective and not man's? My test today is an unusual one... It is a take home test, and you have all the time you need to answer all the questions. Here's the real kicker.... You get to grade your own test... If you don't want to let me know how you did, be sure to lets yourselves know...

Have a wonderful day... Go about doing good... Love mark Phil.4:11

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