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A Few Customs

All people or groups have certain customs that make them unique. Today's quiz is loosely based on some of those customs... Have fun....

______ 1. What did Paul say the saints would judge? (a) the world, (b) the church, (c) the Vikings, (d) the pope.

______ 2. Why did the Philistines disapprove of David's presence in Achish's army? (a) his Jewish heritage, (b) his unshaven face, (c) his poor manners, (d) his ruddy complexion.

______ 3. Greet one another with what? (a) a hearty handshake, (b) a hug, (c) a salute, (d) a holy kiss, (e) a secret sign.

______ 4. What kind of girdle did Elijah wear? (a) cloth, (b) hemp, (c) leather, (d) wooden, (e) vinyl.

______ 5. What was the name of Elisha's servant? (a) Nob, (b) Gehazi, (c) Kish, (d) Gad, (e) Sidneyous.

______ 6. What did Hoshea name the copper serpent that Moses made? (a) Nehushtan, (b) Mokusta, (c) Grolistan, (d) Serpushtan.

______ 7. Who was the high priest when Peter and John were arrested in the temple? (a) Caiphas, (b) Annas, (c) Alexander, (d) Pilate.

______ 8. By when did Paul reach Jerusalem? (a) Passover, (b) Pentecost, (c) harvest, (d) Succoth, (e) Easter.

______ 9. Who was the governor that heard the council's case against Paul? (a) Pilate, (b) Felix, (c) Caesar, (d) Festus, (e) Christy.

______10. What should Israel have done with the clothes of the poor left in pledge by the altars (Amos 2:8), instead of laying on them? (a) let the priests wear them, (b) give them back to the poor pledge-makers, (c) wash them, (d) have a yard sale.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 08/09/2014 Quiz

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