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Keep It In - Let It Out

"They perished because they refused to love the truth and so be saved..." (2 Thess.2:10).

Have you heard the expression, "wisdom loves him who loves her?" According to today's verse, love is the best entertainer of truth, and when it it not entertained in the love of it, it leaves the heart and will not stay any longer. Because knowledge and affection mutually help one another, it is very good to keep our affections of love and delight as divine encouragements. We will always direct our thoughts, and even our studies toward those things that we love the most. If we bring our hearts to truly delight in Jesus, we will want to know as many of His ways as we can possibly know... Why? "Wisdom loves him who loves her..." One of the surest ways to withdraw from someone happens when we begin to withdraw our love. This is true of family, church family, and even God... It is not always easy to be wise and loving in earthly things. That is the point of my title today. Our love and affections should surely be ingrained within us, but we have to know how to let it out... In heavenly things, the more our love grows, the better and more clear our judgements will be. It is one of those "shoot for the stars" things. No matter how great our love is, it can never reach the heights of heavenly love. That being said, we need to always "keep it in" and know when to "let it out..." As we broaden in the knowledge of our Lord, our love will grow also...

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