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Some Bits Of History

"Those who don't learn history are destined to repeat it"

Edmund Burke

We're back from NYC and if you ask, I will tell you why it was so Beautiful... Today's quiz is just a mishmash of historical questions... If you learn the answers, you won't have to repeat... Have fun....

______ 1. What was the name of Nabal's wife? (a) Michal, (b) Jesse, (c) Abishag, (d) Abigail.

______ 2. Whose spirit visits Saul in Endor? (a) David, (b) Samuel, (c) Kish, (d) Elijah, (e) Sydneous.

______ 3. In 2 Sam.6, who was killed for steadying the Ark of the Covenant? (a) Abner, (b) Uzzah, (c) Job, (d) Uriah, (e) Hophni.

______ 4. Who was in charge of David's camp? (a) Nathan, (b) Abner, (c) Ner, (d) Joab.

______ 5. What did Ahithophel counsel Absalom to do? (a) attack the Philistines, (b) seek out a seer, (c) sleep with his dad's concubines, (d) build an altar.

______ 6. Aceldama is the Aramaic name for what place? (a) field of blood, (b) Mount of Olives, (c) Jerusalem, (d) Egypt, (e) Desert.

______ 7. How did Paul escape from those who wanted to kill him in Damascus? (a) boat, (b) horseback, (c) running, (d) in a basket, (e) disguised as a leper.

______ 8. In what days did Herod attempt to arrest Peter? (a) Passover, (b) unleavened bread, (c) worship, (d) tribulation, (e) Hannukkah.

______ 9. With whom did Paul and Silas stay in Thessalonica? (a) James, (b) devout women, (c) Jason, (d) Judas, (e) Mark.

______10. God rescued the Israelites from what in Egypt? (a) bondage, (b) debauchery, (c) idolatry, (d) adultery, (e) none of the above.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 08/30/2014 Quiz

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