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Some Old Law Stuff

"So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith" (Gal.3:25).

______ 1. How did Moses heal the bitter waters of Marah? (a) poured in olive oil, (b) washed in it, (c) cast a tree into it, (d) touched it with his rod.

______ 2. What would happen to those in Abraham's family who broke the covenant with the Lord? (a) They would be killed, (b) would not be able to bear children, (c) They would be cut off from the Lord's people.

______ 3. What was the token of the covenant between Abraham and God? (a) circumcision, (b) sacraments, (c) a rainbow, (d) tithes, (e) burnt offerings.

______ 4. What brought forth water when Moses struck it? (a) a pit, (b) a rock, (c) a tree, (d) a cistern.

______ 5. The army of Joshua prevailed against the army of Amalek as long as: (a) they had bread in their pockets, (b) the elders sang hymns, (c) they blew horns, (d) Moses' hand were upheld.

______ 6. When the Lord told Abraham that his wife would have a child, what was his reaction? (a) he fainted, (b) he cried, (c) he laughed, (d) he ran to his wife to tell her the good news.

______ 7. The covenanted: "If you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, the you shall be a _________ _________ unto me above all people. (a) holy race, (b) blessed people, (c) peculiar treasure, (d) precious nation.

______ 8. Whose idea was it that Moses should delegate his responsibilities as leader of Israel? (a) Joshua, (b) Caleb, (c) Aaron, (d) Jethro, (e) Zipporah.

______ 9. How many men came to visit Abraham in the plains of Mamre? (a) 3, (b) 12, (c) 2, (d) 11, (e) none of the above.

______10. What did Abraham NOT invite the men to do? (a) wash their feet, (b) rest under a tree, (c) eat, (d) give him a blessing.

I hope you have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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