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Except for one, today's questions are from the Old Testament. Even that one has OT roots... Have fun....

______ 1. King Darius commanded his kingdom to pray only to him for how long? (a) 40 days, (b) 60 days, (c) 2 years, (d) 30 days, (e) 1 year.

______ 2. According to the 10 commandments, do not bow down to a graven image because God is what? (a) the only God, (b) a jealous God, (c) an angry God, (d) a forgiving God, (e) a sad God.

______ 3. For all manner of trespass (i.e. theft) what shall the thief pay as restitution? (a) full value, (b) double value, (c) triple value, (d) nothing.

______ 4. How many times a year were men to appear before God? (a) 1, (b) 2, (c) 3, (d) 4, (e) 5.

______ 5. What did God command Moses to tell the Israelites to make? (a) food, (b) wine, (c) sanctuary, (d) church, (e) nothing.

______ 6. What was Aaron to burn in the tabernacle lamps every morning and night? (a) oil, (b) incense, (c) feathers, (d) wine, (e) manna.

______ 7. The Lord commanded Moses to use myrrh, sweet cinnamon, sweet calamus, cassia, and olive oil to make what? (a) soup, (b) perfume, (c) medicine, (d) oil, (e) lubricant.

______ 8. In the New Covenant, where will God put His laws? (a) their mind and heart, (b) their phylacteries, (c) the tabernacle, (d) Jerusalem, (e) their soul.

______ 9. "Stop regarding ____________, whose breath of life is in his nostrils." (a) Isaiah, (b) Satan, (c) God, (d) Furtious, (e) man.

______ 10. What is a "meat offering?" (a) an offering of meat, particularly lamb, (b) an offering of flour with oil and frankincense, (c) burgers and dogs, (d) an offering of special spices.

Have a great weekend and a glorifying and uplifting day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

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