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Jesus' Return

"It may be at morn, when the day is awaking, when sunlight thro' darkness and shadow is breaking, that Jesus will come in the fullness of glory; To receive from the world His own."

From "It May Be At Morn" by H. L. Turner

One of the most speculated events in the religious world centers around Jesus' second coming. Today's quiz is about that, so have fun...

1. The second coming is compared to what weather condition? ( lightning --- tornado )

2. The second coming is compared to what night visitor? ( guest --- thief )

3. What virtue is encouraged by the second coming? ( patience --- goodness )

4. What did Paul tell Timothy to keep until Jesus returns? ( peace --- commandment )

5. Whose work would be destroyed before Jesus' return? ( sinners --- Satan )

6. Who will meet Jesus first upon His return? ( the dead in Christ --- the living righteous )

7. What will be changed when Jesus returns? ( the atmosphere --- our bodies )

8. What will God do to all believers when Jesus returns? ( commend them --- judge then )

9. What is the last enemy to be destroyed at Jesus' return? ( death --- taxes )

10.What did Jesus say He would prepare for us? ( an oasis -- a place )

11.In what will Jesus return? ( a chariot --- a cloud )

12.What occupation did Jesus compare the judgement to? ( preaching --- shepherd )

13.Who is the only one that knows the time of Jesus' return? ( Jesus Himself -- the Father )

Have a wonderful weekend and a glorifying and uplifting day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 10/04/2014 Quiz

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