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"There is a time for everything, and a season for everything under heaven..." (Eccl.3:1)

"Turn, Turn, Turn" (To Everything There Is A Season) is a song written by Pete Seeger in the late 50s. It became a sensation in 1965 when it was released by a group called The Byrds. Almost all the words are adapted from the third chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes... The Bible says in Daniel 2:21; "He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings ans deposes them..." The difficult things about the seasons of life for us is the waiting... We all know they happen and change and not one of us is going to miss them. We know at some point(s) in our lives, difficult times will fall upon us and its hard to wait because we no longer have control. Things happen and circumstances occur, that we have absolutely nothing to do with. Sometimes people think they are "victims" of circumstances in a sense, but we are not victims... We must learn to understand that waiting for unanswered prayer, waiting for God to do a certain thing, waiting for a particular goal to be reached, waiting for a certain thing to happen in our lives is a part of the season of life. The seasons of life may happen very quickly; they may change suddenly. You are in one season of life, and all of a sudden something occurs and you're in a different one. We may have felt that we had no control over that, but the season has changed. We must remember this... God controls the seasons of life. The Bible says we don't choose those seasons and they're controlled by Him. Perhaps a good example of this is that at 70 we cannot physically do the things we did at 25. We are in a different season of life... The seasons are providential in nature and we will look at more about them tomorrow...

Have a great day... Let His light shine through you... Love mark Phil.4:11

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