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Just Some Trivia

I hope that your weekend is starting out well. What better way to begin a Saturday morning than answering a few Bible questions. Have fun....

1. Name the two orders of angels in the Old Testament. _______________ and ______________.

2. ___________ Some angels came to speak with Lot. How many?

3. ___________ How many Psalms are there? (no peeking)

4. ___________ What Bible person's handkerchiefs were used to heal people? (a) Paul, (b) James, (c) John, (d) Simon.

5. ___________ Joab was a: (a) scribe, (b) soldier, (c) priest, (d) servant, (e) king.

6. ___________ What man is said to have "supplanted" his brother two times? (a) Benjamin, (b) Clydeus, (c) Jacob, (d) Abram.

7. ___________ What relationship was Mordecai to Esther? (a) uncle, (b) in-law, (c) cousin, (d) grandfather.

8. ___________ What boy was sent out into the desert to die with his mom? (a) Isaac, (b) Ish-Boseth, (c) Ishmael, (d) Issachar.

9. ___________ Who was offered 30 changes of garments for answering a riddle? (a) Samson, (b) Japeth, (c) Sphinx, (d) Gideon.

10.___________ What was the name of the leper who was the caption of the host of the king of Syria? (a) Nahum, (b) Nadab, (c) Necoh, (d) Naaman

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 11/15/2014 Quiz

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