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Vicarious Atonement

"You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for us" (Rom.5:6).

I remember going to youth league games when my kids were very young, and listening to the comments and conversation of some of the parents along the sidelines. Maybe I was off base, but there were times that I thought that the parents were living "vicariously" through the successes of their children. As a result, I came to view the word vicarious in a tainted way. I guess I have come full circle with my title today... Vicarious atonement is not a phrase that is found verbatim in the Bible, but it happened, and is a concept that lies near to God's heart in His plan to save. First of all, atonement is a mostly English word coined to connote the removal of sin as a barrier between us and God. Though it is a commonly used word in the Old Testament, the KJV uses the word only once in the New Testament, and some translators do not use it at all, choosing reconciliation more often.(Rom.5:11) Something that is done vicariously is done through the experience(s) of others. Thus, "vicarious atonement" is what happened on the cross. Jesus paid the price for our sins... As a matter of fact, He paid it all! Because of the vicarious atonement of Jesus, through their faith and obedience, sinners can be reconciled back to God. That's exactly what the apostle Paul wrote in today's verse, and after that he went on to explain the marvels of the love that caused God to allow His Son to die... To make this even more amazing, Jesus lives at the right hand of God, and through His intercession, reconciliation continues... Vicariously, of course....

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