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"For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom His whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name" (Eph.3;14-15).

Yesterday we looked at the church as a building with a strong foundation as a metaphor for the church. But like every comparison, at some point the likenesses may break down. One example of this is that a building is something that is static. It may show a solid nature, but once constructed, it does not move. The church is a living and breathing thing, as an organism made up of people who are probably diverse in nature, Every person has various personal needs and idiosyncrasies... Each person can be appreciated for his or her particular and individual worth. When we factor in the considerations we have for individual members, the church becomes more and more like a family... Though it is not like a family in every aspect, the similarities are great enough for us to use this metaphor to describe it.. No Christian has to be perfect in every way to gain acceptance within the church family.. Maybe what clinches the metaphor the best for me is this: The church, like a family, is a place of love, mutual respect, appreciation and support.. I leave you with the words of this powerful song... "We're part of the family that's been born again; Part of the family whose love knows no end; For Jesus has saved us, and made us His own, Now we're part of the family that's on its way home..." (Lanny Wolfe 1974).

Have a great day... Go about doing good.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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