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What, Me Worry?

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" (Matt.6:34).

Many of you have probably read an issue or two of the satirical Mad Magazine. It features as its mascot, a funny looking character named Alfred E. Neuman. He has misaligned eyes and a gap-toothed smile. Neuman's mantra is "What, Me Worry?" So..... In light of today's scripture, what do you think of that credo? Many of us may demand a good deal more predictability from life than God promised we would have. I know that most of us make plans so that our futures will be safe, happy and secure, but that's not the predictability I'm getting at this morning. Maybe we've got to get a grip on what Jesus is talking about in Matt.6:34. We all might want to know what tomorrow will be like, but all we have is today... The worry that takes hold of us is nothing more than fear of what might happen. Where there is uncertainty, there is also fear. It is a fear that what is going to happen might be difficult, painful or unpleasant... The answer resides in what I have been talking about for the past two days, and that is God's Providence. God's answer to our fears or worries is not in revealing what will happen to us. He simply says: "I will provide..." To me, if this makes sense, it is our trust in the providence of God that takes the worry out of life's uncertainties... I don't think I want to be like Alfred E. Neuman, but I do want to be like Jesus, and He tells me to put it into His hands....

Have a great Friday... T G I F Today God Is First... Love mark Phil.4:11

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