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Some Bible Questions

I hope you enjoy putting your biblical thinking cap on to answer theses questions. Have fun...

_____ 1. To whom did Jesus say, "You did not give me a kiss?" (a) Judas, (b) the sinful woman, (c) Simon the Pharisee, (d) Nicodemus.

_____ 2. The virtuous woman in the Book of Proverbs clothed her family in what color? (a) scarlet, (b) blue, (c) yellow, (d) black.

_____ 3. What was the former name for the town of Bethel? (a) Bokim, (b) Luz, (c) Acco, (d) it doesn't say.

_____ 4. Which plague the Egyptians experienced was the eighth one? (a) darkness, (b) lice, (c) frogs, (d) locusts.

_____ 5. Who was hung on a gallows 50 cubits (75 feet) high? (a) Mordecai, (b) Haman, (c) Judas.

_____ 6. What was the name of the first judge of Israel? (a) Samuel, (b) Othniel, (c) Ehud, (d) Shamgar.

_____ 7. Who was the individual who watched over Baby Moses as he floated among the bulrushes? (a) his mom, (b) his sister, (c) his brother, (d) his aunt.

_____ 8. What mother made a little coat for her son every year? (a) Rebekah, (b) Hannah, (c) Leah, (d) Rachel.

_____ 9. What type of bird did Noah 1st send forth from the ark? (a) a raven, (b) a dove, (c) a pidgeon, (d) a roc.

_____10. What was the name of David's first wife? (a) Maacah, (b) Michal, (c) Chaggith, (d) Haggith.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 03/14/2015 Quiz

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