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Some Bible Questions

I hope you enjoy testing your Bible knowledge this morning. I'll do my best to challenge you. Have fun....

______ 1. Because of his sin, Achan was stoned in what valley? (a) Achor, (b) Kidron, (c) Gehenna, (d) Death

______ 2. Who was the sorcerer stuck blind by Paul? (a) Simon, (b) Elymas, (c) Hecuba, (d) Jabbah.

______ 3. After his shipwreck, Paul swam to what island? (a) Crete, (b) Patmos, (c) Melita (Malta), (d) it doesn't say.

______ 4. What was the name of the wife of both Nabal and King David? (a) Michal, (b) Abigail, (c) Sheba, (d) Vashti.

______ 5. Which of Joseph's brothers was left behind as a hostage when they returned to bring Benjamin back to Egypt? (a) Gad, (b) Levi, (c) Asher, (d) Simeon.

______ 6. In order to win the battle with Amalek, Aaron and Hur helped Moses by doing what? (a) fighting, (b) shaking their rods, (c) holding up his hands, (d) blowing horns.

______ 7. Who was Zipporah's very famous husband? (a) Hezekiah, (b) Aaron, (c) Moses, (d) Eli.

______ 8. Who was the wife of Lapidoth? (a) Rahab (b) Deborah, (c) Miriam, (d) Dinah

______ 9. Why was Lapidoth's wife famous? (a) she helped the spies, (b) she was the first female judge, (c) she was David's daughter.

______ 10. In what Bible book do you find the quote; "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout?" (a) Psalms, (b) Proverbs, (c) Ecclesiastes, (d) Song of Solomon.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 03/21/2015 Quiz

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