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Practice Toward Perfection

"Everyone who has hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure" (1 Jn.3:3).

Carnegie Hall in NYC is a mecca for many performers. So much so that it has led to this old joke... When someone on the street in NYC asked for directions to the Hall, the answer was.... "Practice, Practice, Practice...." As corny as the joke is, it highlights just what one must do to become a performer worthy of appearing there. A piano student may yearn to become a concert pianist worthy of performing in the Hall. In the meantime, that student learns to become more proficient through constant and daily practice. If the person has talent, he or she becomes better and better through that practicing. A Christian, if worthy of the calling, yearns to become more and more like Jesus and to one day be in heaven with Him. In the meantime, there is the practice, practice, practice.... Jesus presented us with the example and the motivation to be like Him, but the doing part is up to us. The more we practice the commands and principles of our Lord Jesus, the more we will appear to be Christ-like... It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to get the drift about the things that need to be practiced. We must devote ourselves to the Word and pray. We need to love one another to the extent that we will do good things. After we do all this stuff, we have to do them again, again, and again. You know.... The practice word... The Holy Spirit will empower us to live more like Jesus and to look more like Him as the light of the world. Now we're ready for Carnegie Hall...

Have a great day.... Let His Light Shine Through You Today... Love mark Phil.4:11

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