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Some Challenging Questions

I hope you enjoy trying to recall some Bible facts. As always, have fun....

_____ 1. The Jewish exorcists that tried to cast out an evil spirit were the "seven sons of __________." (a) Thunder, (b) Sceva, (c) Gheza, (d) Evil.

_____ 2. "And Cush begat _______. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord." (a) Gibeon, (b) Micah, (c) Nimrod, (d) Azel.

_____ 3. What queen did Esther replace? (a) Vashti, (b) Sheba, (c) Candace, (d) Jezebel.

_____ 4. What Bible character was called "The Tishbite?" (a) Elijah, (b) Elisha, (c) Obadiah, (d) Eleazer.

_____ 5. Who in the Bible did God ask to put his tears in a bottle? (a) Jeremiah, (b) Peter, (c) Moses. (d) David.

_____ 6. The archangel Michael disputed with the devil about the body of _________. (a) Jesus, (b) Moses, (c) David, (d) Abraham.

_____ 7. Just after his death, Eli's daughter-in law gave birth to a son named ___________. (a) Hophni, (b) Ichabod, (c) Phineas, (d) Elkanah.

_____ 8. What name was Peter not known by? (a) Cephas, (b) Simon, (c) Simpson, (d) Simeon.

_____ 9. Who said; "Am I a dog, that you come at me with sticks?" (a) Saul, (b) Goliath, (c) Nahash, (d) Jonathan.

_____10. Who was the 98 year old obese and partially blind man, that fell off his chair and broke his neck? (a) Bartimaeus, (b) Jacob, (c) Eli, (d) Ehud.

I hope that all of you have an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 04/04/2015 Quiz

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