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Faith In The Sunrise

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith ----- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God...." (Eph.2:8).

The sunrise in NJ happened at 6:29 this morning. It was cloudy and foggy, but it came up right on time, just as predicted... Yesterday it rose at 6:31. Because of the movement of the earth and moon, we can trust these times to be accurate, and have faith in them, even though we might not understand the physics. The apostle Paul made it crystal clear, as we see in today's verse, that the blessings of God come by grace through faith... The reason we have hope and life is rooted in God's grace. Our role in this is to give ourselves in faith to God through Christ. After getting to experience the grace of God, He calls for the response of faith. Just as the information about the sunrise can be made known to us, faith begins with the understanding, which, in turn, is predicated on revelation. Human limitations that are spiritual, mental and even physical, mean that we cannot come to know God from intuitive senses within. Because of what He has shown Himself to be, we know Him as a God of grace. The Old Testament attests to God's long history with mankind, and culminates with the coming of His Son Jesus... That is His self-revelation, which is His grace in action. Just as we can trust the times of the sunrise through scientific data, faith is born in the concrete events of time... The singular event that was brought to everyone's mind this past Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus, is God's declaration that Jesus is His Son... The apostles taught it and wrote about it, and our encounter with this teaching has brought us to God. For the saved, it results in the confession of faith. Its as real as the sunrise...

Have a great day... T G I F...... Today God Is First... Love mark Phil.4:11

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