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What God Wants Of Us

"What must we do to do the work God requires?" "The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent" (Jn.6:28 & 29).

Our confession is an open and public declaration of faith, predicated on the "good confession" made by Jesus before Pilate, and the one made by Timothy before many witnesses... Today's verses ask and answer a question. Also required is an oral declaration of faith through confession and a determined commitment to obey God. Not for Jesus, but for Timothy and others, (us) confession along with repentance calls for turning away from sin and turning toward God. Like every other nook and cranny of Christ-like living, confession and repentance grow from belief, faith and trust. Faith is very interesting, because it is more simple and more complicated than folks often suppose. To believe in Jesus is one thing, and it entails believing the testimony of firsthand witnesses. It is deeply embedded in a firm faith and obedience. In today's verses, Jesus tells His followers that they did something pleasing to God when they believed in Him... Faith is something that begins and ends with people who make the decision that Jesus is the Christ. That decision is followed up by loving, trusting and obeying His will... The way I see it, repentance, confession, baptism and godly living are the basic ingredients of our faith. This is what Jesus and the apostles taught, and its good enough for me...

Have a wonderful day... Do good and give God the credit... Love mark Phil.4:11

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